A quick introduction into using TFCNN a C library for Artificial Neural Networks

// let’s create an instance of our network.
network net;
// and initialise the network ..
const uint number_of_inputs = 1;
const uint number_of_layers = 2;
const uint number_of_neurons_per_layer = 256;
createNetwork(&net, WEIGHT_INIT_UNIFORM_LECUN, number_of_inputs, number_of_layers, number_of_neurons_per_layer);
// maybe also you would like to change the default configured optimiser and activator
setOptimiser(&net, OPTIM_MOMENTUM);
setActivator(&net, TANH);
float processNetwork(network* net, const float* inputs, const learn_type learn)
  • To train towards your target (1) you will use LEARN_MAX which will minimize the gradient descent, sloping down to a local minimum.
  • To train away from your target (0) you will use LEARN_MIN which will maximize the gradient descent, sloping up away from a local minimum.
void setTargetMax(&net, 1); // LEARN_MAX
void setTargetMin(&net, 0); // LEARN_MIN
const float positive_words[10] = {0.1, 0.01, 0.2, 0.13, 0.142, 0.056, 0.21, 0.023, 0.31, 0.312};
const float negative_words[10] = {0.9, 0.91, 0.8, 0.87, 0.73, 0.934, 0.67, 0.074, 0.703, 0.883};
for(uint i = 0; i < 10; ++i)
// learn to output 1 for positive words
processNetwork(&net, &positive_words[i], LEARN_MAX);
// learn to output 0 for negative words
processNetwork(&net, &negative_words[i], LEARN_MIN);
const float input = 0.9;
const float is_positive = processNetwork(&net, &input, NO_LEARN);
if(is_positive > 0.6)
printf(“Looks like the input was positive +\n”);
printf(“Looks like the input was negative -\n”);




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